Itch Control

Itch Control

Safer Itch Control

It’s tough to watch your cat or dog suffer from chronic itchiness. Pets who can’t stop scratching, licking, or biting or who are experiencing hair loss, bald patches, or secondary infections from all the itching have a dermatological problem. With a physical examination and diagnostic tests, our doctors at Pacific Pet Hospital can determine the cause of your pet’s discomfort and provide an effective treatment.

Why Does My Pet Feel So Itchy?

There are many reasons why pets might experience itchy skin including parasites, bacterial or fungal infections, hormonal imbalances, autoimmune disorders, and cancer, but the most common reason pets experience itchiness is atopic dermatitis caused by allergies.

Pets can experience allergies to certain foods and to the environment. In pets, allergies most commonly cause skin and coat problems, rather than symptoms like asthma or sneezing.

Safer Treatment Alternatives for Itchy Pets

Traditionally, pet allergies were treated with steroids. Although immunosuppressants can still be used to treat an itchy pet’s symptoms, these medications come with potentially dangerous side effects and they can’t actually solve your pet’s allergy problem. Today, there are many additional options for treating atopic dermatitis in pets.

Dietary and Lifestyle Adjustments

Food allergies in pets can be treated by determining the type of protein that’s specifically bothering your pet and leaving it out of their diet. Atopic dermatitis caused by a flea allergy can be controlled with medicated baths and parasite protection.

Antihistamine Medications

Environmental allergies to allergens like dust, pollen, or mold can be more difficult to avoid. A pet’s uncomfortable allergic reaction can often be mitigated, using antihistamine medications, which limit your pet’s immune response to the allergen.

Allergy Shots

Allergy shots have been available for people for quite some time, but they’re now also available for pets. Allergy shots work by exposing an allergic pet to their specific allergens in a limited way with a series of injections. Over time, allergy shots train your pet’s immune system to recognize that allergens are not an actual threat like a virus or bacterial infection.

Schedule an Itchy Pet Appointment Today

If you’ve noticed your cat or dog scratching, licking, or biting excessively or if they’re experiencing problems with their skin or coat, we recommend scheduling a checkup right away. Our doctors will help you determine the cause of your pet’s atopic dermatitis and recommend a treatment protocol to provide relief and address your pet’s specific concerns.