Veterinary Surgery

No matter how routine or complex the procedure, it can be stressful whenever a pet requires surgery. At Pacific Pet Hospital, our Chula Vista veterinarian strives to put each pet’s family at ease. Before treatment decisions are made, we ensure our clients understand the benefits and risks of any procedure. Plus, we always recommend the least invasive treatments available.

Veterinary Surgery Services Available at Pacific Pet Hospital

Dr. Humphrey & Dr. Upton have advanced surgical training, work with precision and care, and are highly experienced. Some of the surgical procedures provided at Pacific Pet Hospital include:

Soft Tissue Surgery

Soft tissue surgeries include spay and neuter procedures, wound repairs, and the removal of growths.

Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic surgeries include tooth extractions, the repair of fractured bones, and the correction of imbalanced joints.

General Surgery

General surgery addresses wounds and the removal of ingested foreign objects.
If your pet requires a specialized or more advanced surgical procedure, one of our veterinarians will provide you with a recommendation for a board-certified veterinary surgeon who focuses on the type of procedure your pet requires.

What to Expect Before Your Pet's Surgery (Pre-Operative Pet Care)

Prior to your pet’s surgery, Dr. Humphrey or Dr. Upton will screen your pet’s health. This involves a physical examination and bloodwork, which ensure your pet is healthy enough to undergo the proposed procedure and general anesthesia. During this pre-operative appointment, we’ll also determine the proper anesthesia dosage for your pet’s upcoming operation.
In addition, we’ll provide you with pre-operative care instructions. This might include medications to manage your pet’s pain, reduce the risk of infection, and instructions for restricting food and water prior to surgery.

What to Expect After Your Pet's Surgery (Post-Operative Pet Care)

Following your pet’s procedure, we’ll notify you of your pet’s condition right away once your pet has been moved to recovery. Depending on the extent of your pet’s procedure, he or she might be able to return home the same day or we might recommend a brief stay in the hospital to ensure a smooth recovery.
Once discharged, we’ll provide you with instructions regarding activity restriction, wound care, medications, and follow-up appointments.

Compassionate Care in a State-of-the-Art Facility

Throughout your pet’s procedure, Dr. Humphrey or Dr. Upton and our surgical veterinary technicians will closely monitor your pet’s vital signs to ensure his or her wellbeing. We use cutting-edge equipment and surgical techniques to minimize pain, stress on our patients, and recovery time. To learn more about your pet’s upcoming operation or the surgical procedures available at Pacific Pet Hospital in Chula Vista, we welcome you to contact us today.