Telemedicine for Pets

Telehealth allows you to get medical advice for your pet from your home or wherever you’re at! Send pictures or short video clips with a description of the problem and receive professional advice the same day. Download the Anipanion App and request a virtual chat.

Telemedicine Reimagined

Well before smartphones were invented, telemedicine was an innovative and convenient arm of medical care. Clients could call their veterinary clinic and get answers to pressing questions about their pet’s health, all from the comfort of their own home or workplace.
Advancements in mobile technology – namely pet care apps – have transformed the virtual care movement, and at Pacific Pet Hospital, we’re embracing the exciting possibilities these changes present!

Anipanion: The Purrfect App for the Busy Pet Parent

You can now quite seamlessly access care for your pets through virtual care apps. Our app of choice is Anipanion, a next-generation virtual care platform that will save you a trip to our clinic, while at the same time providing you the peace of mind and convenience you’re looking for in the modern-day veterinary marketplace.

Virtual Consult Pricing

Is My Pet Eligible for Telemedicine Appointments?

At Pacific Pet Hospital, we seek to adopt only the new technologies and services that will enhance our high-quality patient care model. For the safety and responsible care of our patients, telemedicine appointments are made available to our current patients on a case by case basis.

Establish Your Pet's Care and Download Anipanion Today

With the arrival of veterinary telemedicine, caring for your pet’s health has never been easier! The Anipanion app improves client communication and education, diagnosis, treatment, observation, and follow-up appointments. With your smartphone and the Anipanion app, you can access the expert care your pet needs from any location – whether you’re on the road, stuck at the office, or relaxed in the comfort of your own home.