What Veterinary Virtual Medicine Can Do for You

Telemedicine (Virtual Medicine) has long been a part of human medicine—well before cell phones. Yet, for veterinary medicine, the movement was slower. Now, though, we all have advanced cameras right at our fingertips, so veterinary virtual medicine can thrive. It saves you a trip to the vet while putting your mind at ease with quick feedback from your veterinary team. Rather than calling the clinic phone with a question about your pet, you can engage in a video call and show your veterinarian exactly what’s concerning you. This gives us a thorough understanding of the situation, too, so we can offer you the very best advice.

Interested in veterinary virtual medicine? Download the app today!


How it Works?

  1. Download app
  2. Create profile
  3. Schedule televisit
  4. See the Vet


These virtual visits are great for…

  • Post-Surgery Recheck
  • Drop-offs
  • Preliminary Triage/Behavior Questions
  • Pet Hospice Related Scenarios
  • And more… Call us directly for more information

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Virtual visit Pricing Starting At: $12 for 5 min | $35 for 15 min

Registration Practice Code: 21501

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