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We love helping our clients save money! View our extensive list of current specials and ask about these when you call us to make an appointment!

$26 New Client Exam – A $26 Savings!

Come give us a try for $26 off our exam fee. That’s just $26 for your first scheduled consultation! Additional pets beyond the first would be subject to the regular $52 examination fee.

Free Examination for adoptions or rescues!

A $52 Value Yours Free! Any pet adopted from a shelter or rescue qualifies for a free first exam as long as it is scheduled within ten (10) days of adoption


Flea, Tick, Internal Parasite & Heartworm Savings – Got Fleas?

Receive a $50 Rebate for the Purchase of a 12 Month Supply of NexGard with a 12 Month Supply of Heartgard Plus.

HeartgardHeartworm and Internal Parasites Heartgard Plus Promo

Save $12 on a Year Supply! The cost of treating a heartworm infestation is very expensive. Why take that risk? Purchase a year supply of Heartgard Plus and get 12 dollars back! Not only is it effective for your pet’s monthly heartworm medication, it has the added bonus of containing a dewormer for both hookworms and roundworms.