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We're pleased to offer the following services in our Chula Vista Veterinary Clinic

Comprehensive Exam

--a copy goes home with each client

Cat Comfort Exams                  

“My cat hates going to the vet...

You can pick up medication to give your cat before the exam, making your cat less anxious in the car and during the exam.

Our cat exam rooms have calming pheromones defused into the air to help calm your cat.

Each employee that handles your cat sprays calming pheromones on their hand to add to the calming experience of your cat.


             Spay                                                     Neuter


                       Spays and neuters

Your pet's surgery is done safely with intensive anesthetic monitoring, in a sterile operating room and close attention to post-operative pain.

Non-Steroid Itch Control

Scratching, itching, and hair loss are signs that your pet may be suffering from skin parasites, allergies or infection.  Relief from this suffering is possible without all of the side effects of steroids.

Digital X-Rays





Ultrasounds are done on-site, giving us fast results and less costly to our clients.


Done safely with intense anesthetic monitoring

              Teeth are cleaned with state of the art dental equipment

              Oral surgery can be performed at the hospital


Not every pet needs every vaccination.  We will tailor a vaccination schedule for your pet’s specific needs.

Most vaccinations we have last 3 years- not like your used to.

Not all vaccinations are the same.  We use the highest quality and safest vaccinations for your pet.

Internal Medicine

The advanced in-hospital lab allows for results within the hour when time counts not the next day.