7 Reasons Why Adopting a Senior Pet is the Best


7 Reasons Why Adopting a Senior Pet is the Best

Everyone loves baby animals. They’re small, excitable, and everything in the world is new to them. Senior pets, however, are just as sweet, and they need loving homes, too! With all the attention on the puppies and kittens, older animals often get overlooked and wind up spending more time than they should in animal shelters. If you’re ready to open your home to a new pet, find out why choosing a senior pet could be the best decision you ever make!

7 Reasons Senior Pets Are the Best

1. Fewer Household Headaches

Puppies and kittens are irresistible, but they’re also destroyers. They’re not yet housebroken, they haven’t learned what’s expected of them, they love to chew on your most precious possessions, they climb curtains, and they scratch just about everything. Senior pets have already learned good manners and potty habits.

2. Copious Cuddles

With less energy than their younger counterparts, older dogs and cats are natural snugglers. If you’re looking for someone to sit in your lap while you work or snuggle up for a movie, then a senior pet is for you!

3. Social Media SuperStars

Senior pets are charming and super cute! Plus, they always come with interesting stories, meet-cutes, and tales of rescue. So, they’re natural stars on social media. You’ll love showing yours off, too!

4. Clear Expectations

It’s not always obvious what sort of issues (health-wise or behavior-wise) might arise when you bring home a puppy or a kitten. When you adopt a senior pet, however, you’ll have a much clearer picture of their veterinary needs, behavior patterns, and what to expect – even if you don’t know their entire history.

5. Perfect for Families

A rambunctious kitten or puppy can easily overwhelm a family. Comparatively calm senior pets easily fold into just about any family, making them a wonderful choice for families – especially those with babies, young children, and other pets in the household.

6. New Tricks

Don’t let the gray fur fool you! Older pets can still learn new tricks.

7. Be a Lifesaver

Most importantly, when you adopt a senior pet, you save a life and get the opportunity to help an animal’s golden years shine!

Senior Pet Care in San Diego

If you adopt a senior dog or cat, remember that they require special care. At Pacific Pet Hospital in Chula Vista, we take exceptional care of our senior patients. With thorough health screenings and adjusted veterinary care, we can help you keep your older pet healthy and happy throughout his golden years. To learn more about caring for an older pet or to schedule an appointment for your cat or dog, we welcome you to contact us today.