Pet Wellness Clubs

Canine Club

Feline Club

Annual Enrollment Fee: $79 (one-time charge)

Microchip: $39 (one-time charge)

Puppies or pets needing more than one set of vaccines: add $36 (one-time charge)

Senior Pets > 7 years: $10/month added to the Standard & Comprehensive Plans (due to a more comprehensive blood work panel)

Pets < 6 months receive two dewormings for hooks & roundworms if needed

Canine Wellness Club

Services Basic Standard Comprehensive
Monthly Price $10 $20 $30
Unlimited Exam ($10 copay)
DHP (Distemper)
Parvo Vaccine
Lepto Vaccine
Kennel Cough Vaccine
Rabies Vaccine
Yearly Parasite Test
Yearly Bloodwork
Toe Nail Trim (4 per year)
Blood Pressure

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