Pain Management

Pain Management

Our pets have neural pathways that are remarkably similar to ours, which means they experience pain in similar ways, too. Although they can’t tell us when they’re hurting, pets suffer from pain for many reasons including surgery, injuries, chronic and acute illnesses, birth defects, and degenerative diseases. At Pacific Pet Hospital, we provide relief to suffering Chula Vista Pets with personalized pain management plans developed for short or long-term care.

How to Recognize When Your Pet Is in Pain

Knowing when a pet’s in pain is up to a pet owner’s ability to recognize changes in their pet’s behavior, movement, or body such as:

Veterinary Pain Management Plans to Relieve Your Pet's Pain

Mitigating and managing pain can be fairly complex, depending on the underlying cause of pain. Initially, Dr. Humphrey or Dr. Upton will treat your pet to relieve pain. We’ll then perform a physical examination and order any relevant diagnostic tests, such as ultrasound or blood analysis, to determine the underlying cause. We can then provide a specific treatment to heal your pet or to help slow the progression of a chronic illness. Depending on the cause of pain, we can address it in a number of ways.


We’ll recommend a round of either short-term pain medications or a medication that is safe for long-term use.


If a pet’s pain is due to a musculoskeletal problem, birth defect, or injury, corrective surgery might be the best option for providing lasting relief.

Nutritional Wellness and Lifestyle Adjustments

Some pain caused by chronic conditions can be adequately addressed with lifestyle adjustments and nutritional recommendations.

Schedule a Virtual Appointment for Your Pet's Pain Management Follow Up or Prescription Renewal

If your pet’s due for a follow-up appointment or needs a prescription for a pain medication or special dietary supplement renewed, we welcome you to schedule a convenient online appointment via PetDesk and the Anipanion app. You can talk with our veterinarian with either a text or video chat appointment and take care of everything your pet needs from the convenience of your home or office.
To learn more about virtual veterinary appointments or to schedule an in-office appointment, we welcome you to contact Pacific Pet Hospital today.