New Year’s Resolutions to Help Your Pet Live Longer


New Year's Resolutions to Help Your Pet Live Longer

It’s January, and the time of year when we all traditionally make a fresh start. If you have yet to choose a resolution, why not pick one that benefits your pet, too? With these pet-friendly New Year’s resolution ideas, you can help your pet live a long, healthy life!

5 Pet-Friendly New Year's Resolutions

1. Measure Your Pet's Food (At Every Meal)

Most cats and dogs don’t stop eating when they’re full; they stop eating when their food is gone. So, it’s up to you to control your pet’s portions to help them maintain a healthy weight. Purchase a measuring cup for your pet’s food, follow the weight-based portion guidelines on your pet’s food, and talk with our veterinarian about selecting a food for your pet.

2. Get More Exercise

Exercise combats weight gain and also keeps pets mobile and healthy. Whether you have a dog or cat, resolve to get more exercise with your pet by going for more frequent walks or incorporating more play sessions. The increased activity will keep your pet entertained, happy, and healthy, and it’ll be good for your health, too!

3. Learn a New Trick

You can enrich your pet’s life, keep them mentally active, and also help them be well-behaved by working with them to learn new tricks and training. Both cats and dogs alike will benefit from positive reinforcement training. Sign up for a class with your pup or get a clicker and training treats to work with your cat or dog at home.

4. Update Your Pet's ID

No matter how careful you are, the risk of a pet being lost or stolen is always present. Make sure your pet’s well-protected and increase the chances that they’ll be returned to you by getting a pet microchip and updating your information in the microchip database.

5. Schedule a Well Check

Don’t forget to schedule your pet’s annual or bi-annual wellness appointment. Annual appointments are essential for keeping your pet’s vaccinations up-to-date and ensuring any potential health problems are addressed as soon as they arise.

Wellness and Preventative Veterinary Care in San Diego

Don’t forget to schedule your pet’s annual wellness and preventative care appointment with our veterinarian at Pacific Pet Hospital in San Diego. We’ll examine your pet, update vaccinations, help you select the best parasite preventatives for your pet, and talk with you about all the things you can do on a daily basis to fortify your pet’s health. To learn more about our veterinary services or to schedule your pet’s yearly appointment, contact us today.