Tips to Protect Your Pets for National Lost Pet Prevention Month

Tips to Protect Your Pets for National Lost Pet Prevention Month

With the fireworks, camping, and travel associated with Independence Day celebrations, it’s easy for pets to get scared and disoriented, run off, and get lost. In fact, more pets go missing on July 4th in the United States than on any other day of the year. That’s why July is National Lost Pet Prevention Month. To keep your pets safe this Fourth of July, consider the following pet safety tips.

5 Pet Safety Tips for the Fourth of July

1. Keep Pets Indoors

On July 4th, make sure your pets are safe and secure inside well before the fireworks start. Be sure to let them out to the bathroom while it’s still light outside and early enough that you’ll be able to find a calm window between the pops and bangs.

2. Check Collars and ID Tags

Make sure your pet is wearing a collar with updated identification tags before the celebrations begin.

3. Get a Microchip

Collars and tags are great, but microchips are way better. Pet microchips are permanent identification for your pet, and they greatly increase the chances of being reunited with your dog or cat should they become lost.
If your pet is already microchipped and you’ve moved recently, check to make sure your information is up to date with your microchip registration company. If you aren’t certain, our veterinarians can scan your pet and check for you.

4. Drown Out the Sound

Although our pets’ ears are more sensitive than our own, you can help create a more calming atmosphere inside your house by playing music, turning on a white noise machine, or running a fan or an air purifier. This will help cover up the scary sounds of fireworks exploding all over the city.

5. Keep Your Pet Calm

You can also help calm a stressed pet with over-the-counter supplements or prescription sedatives from our veterinarians. Additionally, a thunder shirt (a sort of tight-fitting, harness-like vest) can help keep a dog calmer during stressful situations.

Protect Your Pets Every Day of the Year at Pacific Pet Hospital

If you have not yet had your dog or cat microchipped, there’s no better time than now. Microchips not only help to keep your pets safe on July 4th, but they protect them every day of the year. Our veterinarians at Pacific Pet Hospital in San Diego, welcome you to schedule an appointment to have your pet microchipped today.