Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine

When a pet is sick, they can’t tell us specifically how they feel. Many different veterinary conditions cause similar behavioral changes and observable symptoms in pets, making it difficult to diagnose without additional information. During each internal medicine appointment at Pacific Pet Hospital, our Doctor arrives fully prepared to get to the bottom of the patient’s illness and address the condition, using advanced diagnostic tools, years of experience, and comprehensive treatments.

What Is Internal Medicine?

Internal medicine addresses complex medical conditions and disorders that affect a patient’s entire body or an entire system of their body. These types of conditions often cannot be resolved with a simple round of medication, but are more commonly ongoing or even chronic issues that will need to be monitored and managed throughout a patient’s life.

Conditions Treated with Internal Medicine

Some of the diseases and conditions addressed with internal medicine include:

Accurate Diagnostics, State-of-the-Art Patient Monitoring, and Ongoing Treatment

An internal medicine appointment begins with a discussion of the symptoms observed in your pet and a thorough physical examination. Based on this information, our Doctor determines the necessary diagnostic tests, which might include blood work, urinalysis, fecal testing, digital x-ray, and/or ultrasound.
With the results of your pet’s diagnostic tests our Veterinarian will be able to accurately diagnose your pet’s underlying condition and provide options for your pet’s ongoing treatment plan. For pets with chronic conditions, it can often take several appointments and medication adjustments to achieve an optimal level of health for your pet.
With the availability of telemedicine through the Anipanion app, follow-up appointments and chronic patient monitoring have never been easier. With a video call or text chat, Dr. Humphrey & Dr. Upton can view your pet and make treatment recommendations. Follow up appointments through Anipanion App are available to patients on a case-by-case basis, depending on the extent and nature of their condition and treatments.

Schedule a Sick Pet Appointment in Chula Vista

If your pet’s behavior or condition has changed, you’ve notice new symptoms, or you suspect your pet might have an underlying health problem, we encourage you to schedule a sick pet appointment at Pacific Pet Hospital in Chula Vista. Call our office or schedule online, using the PetDesk appointment app.