How to Prepare Your House for a New Kitten


How to Prepare Your House for a New Kitten

When you’re planning to get a new kitten, it can be tough to resist just picking one out and bringing it home right away. To give your kitten the best possible start in your home, however, you should take some steps to prepare your house for your kitten’s arrival before coming home with your newest furbaby.

5 Tips for Preparing Your House for a New Kitten

1. Create a Safe, Personal Space

Your kitten should have a safe, secluded space where it can feel comfortable and safe in your home. Block this area off from other pets and keep small children out. This area should have your kitten’s bed, food, water, and litter box.

2. Kitten-Proof Your Home

For kittens, there are countless hazards inside of human homes. This includes poisonous plants, human foods that are toxic to pets, household chemicals, medications, electrical cords, furniture that could fall easily, and even small hiding places that could be dangerous for your kitten. Remember that kittens are experts at jumping and climbing. So, you’ll need to lock away hazards tightly.

3. Get All of the Supplies You Need

Have everything your kitten needs already available when you bring your kitten home. This includes food formulated for kittens, a water bowl, litter box, toys, cat bed, pet carrier, collar with ID tags, and scratching post.

4. Prepare Your Children

If you have children, be sure you talk with them about how they should interact with the new kitten to prevent the kitten from feeling overwhelmed, scared, or acting out aggressively. Talk with them about the appropriate ways to introduce themselves, how to talk to the kitten with a calm and gentle voice, how to pet the kitten gently, and play with the cat. With a good start, your kitten won’t be afraid and will feel comfortable with your children. Then, they can enjoy one of the best relationships ever.

5. Find a Veterinarian and Establish Care

Before adopting a kitten, you should also choose a veterinarian and contact their office to schedule an appointment for establishing your new pet’s care. Every new pet should have a checkup to ensure they are healthy and have all the preventative treatments they need.

Wellness and Preventive Care for Kittens in San Diego

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