Fleas, Ticks and Worm Medications

Pacific Pet Hospital in Chula Vista, Ca discuses Fleas, Ticks and Worm medications.

The daunting challenge for owners of what products to use to protect their pets from fleas, ticks, and worms. Here is the vast array of products ; Dogs; K-9 Advantix 11, Advantage Multi, Advantage, Vectra 3D, Comfortis, Trifexis, Activyl, Bravecto, Tri-heart, Frontline, Frontline Plus, Frontline Gold, Heartgard, Heartgard Plus, NexGard, Sentinel, Iverheart Max, Vet-kem, Ovitrol, X-Trend, Spot On, ProHeart, Revolution, Simparica. 24 different products!
Cats; Advantage Multi, Advantage 11, Cheristin, Actival Spot on, Frontline Plus for Cats, Frontline Tritak, Heartgard, Program injectable, Vet-Kem, Ovitrol, X-Trend, Spot On, Revolution. 13 different products! Really…unless you spent 8 years in college to get your veterinary degree and ideally an additional 2 years to get your masters in parasitology this list is not comprehensible. Pet owners spend about $379 million a year on these products.
So here is the scoop; for years the only way pet owners had to protect or control parasites on their pets were pouring a dip made of pyrethrums over their pet every month. This was time-consuming and pungent smelling and was not for cats (cats could be killed from this chemical). A Huge change- Advantage Spot On was invented. No pungent baths, safe for cats, once a month application of a small amount of liquid to the back of the neck of your pet. The main problem is it did not kill ticks and washed off if you bathed your pet between applications.
Thus came Frontline; same application once a month, killed fleas and ticks and did not wash off with a bath in between application.
O.K… now Advantage lost a large part of the market. So Advantage added the permethrins (Advantix) that killed fleas and ticks. The only problem I see with this is that the product in Advantage (kills only fleas) and the permethrins (kills fleas and ticks but is more toxic). So why spend the extra money when you could just use the old stuff. The permethrins made Advantix toxic to cats so it was only for dogs. Maybe you should research or better yet talk to your veterinary about the other 37 products available. More animal pharmaceuticals companies got into the game and totally confused us all.
The best product is the one your veterinarian has researched, with the least side effects to your pet, the ease of giving it and the most cost-effective for the protection of your pet.
Dr. Ken Upton