Fleas, Mosquitos & Ticks, OH MY!

Summer Parasites that “bug” Your Pet and Advice from Your Vet in Chula Vista!

Fun& sun but for your pet it is parasite season.

Fleas – When a flea gets on your pet, it bites your pet every 10 minutes. Depending on the product, the topical flea medication takes 45min to 6 hours to kill the fleas (36 bites per flea until it dies). The oral medications usually kill the fleas on the first bite.
Mosquitos – Mosquitos are outside but also get into your house. The study by the American Veterinarian Association showed that indoor pet were as likely to get this parasite as outdoor pets.
These parasites are much more prevalent this year due to the rain. They transmit heartworm disease that can be fatal or very costly ($1000-2000) to treat.
Ticks – Ticks bites are painful – can cause Lyme disease and are preventable.
All of these parasites, fleas, heartworms, and ticks are controllable with easy & cost-effective medication.
Our prevention medications are competitive, if not less, than most internet prices and have a warranty that gives you the comfort that the medications will work and if they do not, you will not have to pay expensive costs of treatment. The manufacturing company will cover the costs to treat your pet. Other online pharmacies and Costco do not cover this warranty. It is only through the manufacturer company sold by the Veterinarian. Of the vast selection of products in the marketplace, we will help you choose the best one for your pet.
We have an online pharmacy where we can offer many more brands than we can carry on-site. These also carry the guarantee. With your budget in mind, another cost-effective option is to auto-ship the RemindMe option through our online pharmacy. You can pay for the one monthly dose each month and we will send you a future dose to your house each month. Then you don’t have to pay for all six or 12-months up front.