Dog Exams

Dog Exams

Dogs are our best friends, so pet owners naturally want their dogs to live full, happy lives. Wellness exams and preventative care are essential to your puppy’s or dog’s happiness, health, and longevity. At Pacific Pet Hospital, we provide each of our canine patients with a comprehensive menu of wellness and preventative care services tailored to their specific needs.

What to Expect During Your Dog's Veterinary Appointment

During a dog’s wellness exam, our veterinarian will establish a baseline of your pet’s health, which helps us recognize what your pet’s like when he or she is feeling normal and healthy. We’ll weigh your pet, take a temperature, listen to your dog’s heart and lungs, and also perform a complete physical examination from whiskers to tail.
We’ll also update your pet’s vaccinations to ensure up-to-date protection from some of the most contagious and dangerous diseases. Whether you’re concerned about nutrition, parasite prevention, lifestyle, or behavior, wellness appointments are also your opportunity to ask questions and discuss any concerns you might have with an expert.
Depending on your pet’s age, breed, and condition, your pet may need additional testing during a wellness exam. These tests help our veterinarian recognize the early signs of disease and chronic conditions in dogs to begin treatment before your pet develops symptoms.

Personalized Wellness Screenings and Health Recommendations

Each dog is different, and as a result, each dog needs slightly different veterinary care. At Pacific Pet Hospital we base the specific components of each of our canine patient’s wellness plans on their age, breed, medical history, and current condition. This might include beginning certain health screenings earlier for predisposed dog breeds and tailoring care recommendations to your pet’s stage of life.

How Often Should Your Dog Visit the Veterinarian?

The frequency of veterinary visits depends on the age and condition of your dog. Healthy adult dogs should typically see a veterinarian once a year for a wellness examination and vaccine boosters. Dogs with chronic health conditions, puppies, and senior dogs will be placed on a more frequent appointment schedule to respectively ensure proper disease management, development, and early detection of age-related medical conditions.

Establish Your Dog's Care with Pacific Pet Hospital

If you’ve just adopted a dog or if you and your pup are new to Chula Vista, we encourage you to establish your pet’s care at Pacific Pet Hospital. We offer comprehensive wellness, preventative, and sick pet care with a gentle, friendly touch. To learn more about our services for canine patients and our promotions for new clients, rescued pets, and appointments booked through PetDesk, we welcome you to contact us today.