Pet Sitters vs. Kennels: Which Is Best for Your Pet?


Pet Sitters vs. Kennels: Which Is Best for Your Pet?

No one likes leaving their pets behind, but sometimes, it’s not possible to take them everywhere that life takes us. At these times, you need to make arrangements for your pet’s care. For some, this might mean enlisting a trusted friend or family member. For others, it might mean choosing between a hired pet sitter and a kennel.

Pet Sitter vs. Boarding Facility

Deciding between a pet sitter and boarding facility is a personal choice. The option that’s right for you depends on your pet’s temperament and your personal preference.

Pet Sitter Pros and Cons

The primary advantage to a pet sitter is that your pet gets to stay home in their familiar, comfortable environment and stick to their usual routine. They always receive 100% of the sitter’s attention, and they aren’t exposed to other pets and the health risks that can come along with that exposure.
The main downside of hiring a pet sitter is that hiring a professionally trained one can be quite expensive. Pet sitters usually charge per visit to your home, and since pets (dogs especially) need to be let out multiple times a day, the fees can add up fast.
Additionally, hiring a pet sitter means that you’ll be letting a virtual stranger into your home. It’s important to consider how comfortable you and your pets will be with that.

Pet Kennel Pros and Cons

The primary draw of pet kennels is that fees are typically charged per day with special add-ons and extras (like individual playtime, snuggle time, treats, pet suites, and medical care) available if you choose to purchase them for your pets.
Though less expensive, kennels have their drawbacks. The main one is that your pet can be exposed to a variety of contagious diseases and parasites through contact with other animals. They also don’t get to stay home, which can be difficult for pets with anxiety.

Pre-Pet Boarding Appointments at Pacific Pet Hospital

Boarding facilities have health and vaccine requirements that help them ensure the safety of all their guests. If you have upcoming plans that require your pet to stay at a pet boarding facility, then you’ll need to make sure your pet has all of the necessary vaccinations (and proof of vaccination) and that they are parasite-free.
To ensure your pet is fully protected, we encourage you to schedule your pet’s appointment well before their boarding check-in date. To learn more or schedule an appointment, we welcome you to contact Pacific Pet Hospital Chula Vista.