The Number One Cause of Pet Scratching – Allergies!


The Number One Cause of Pet Scratching - Allergies!

We all know the telltale signs of allergies in people: runny noses, watery eyes, sneezing, and redness. Like people, dogs and cats can suffer from allergies, too. However, the most common signs and symptoms in pets tend to look a little different than they do in people.
Learning to recognize the signs and symptoms of allergies in pets means you’ll be able to spot them in your own pets and help them get treatment and relief if needed.

4 Signs and Symptoms of Allergies in Pets

1. Itching and Scratching

Persistent scratching and itchiness is the most common sign of allergies in pets. A pet with allergies might keep you (and himself) awake at night with all the scratching, biting, licking, and head shaking.

2. Skin and Coat Problems

Pet allergies also frequently cause allergic dermatitis that causes a variety of skin and coat problems. You might notice that your pet has developed a rash, hot spots, scabbing, or swelling around their face or paws. They might also start to lose fur, and develop bald patches.

3. Frequent Ear & Skin Infections

Pets with allergies tend to suffer from frequent ear and/or skin infections. These can be complicated with fungal or bacterial infections, and in addition to your pet’s discomfort, you might notice a foul odor coming from your pet’s infected ears or skin.

4. Respiratory Issues

Like in people, allergies in pets can also cause respiratory issues. Pets with allergies might have nasal congestion or discharge coming from their noses. They can also experience respiratory problems like asthma that lead to wheezing and difficulty breathing. Breathing troubles in pets are serious and dangerous. They should be immediately addressed by a veterinarian.

If Your Pet has these Symptoms, Schedule an Allergy Evaluation for Your Pet With Our Veterinarian in Chula Vista

If you notice any signs or symptoms of allergies in your dog or cat, we encourage you to schedule an appointment at Pacific Pet Hospital. We’ll talk with you about your pet’s symptoms and any patterns you notice to try to determine whether your pet’s suffering from environmental, seasonal, food, or flea allergies. We can then provide you with a variety of treatment options designed to treat your pet’s symptoms and even alleviate allergies altogether.
To learn more about pet allergies, we welcome you to contact our Chula Vista animal hospital today.