What to Do When Your Dog Just Won’t Listen


What to Do When Your Dog Just Won't Listen

Although some dog breeds are notoriously more stubborn than others, this does not mean that they lack in their nature, the instinct to bond with and please their owners. Dogs simply don’t know what we expect of them until we teach them, and teaching them can be difficult considering that we speak human and they speak dog. If you’re struggling to train your dog, consider the following tips.

5 Canine Behavior Tips for When Your Dog Doesn't Listen

1. Positive Reinforcement Makes Listening More Interesting

When trying to teach your dog not to chase a squirrel, dig holes, or chew your slippers, you need to offer them something more exciting than their bad behavior choices. Reward positive behaviors with high-quality treats, praise, affection, and play.

2. Help Them Speak Your Language

Over time, dogs start to recognize the words that are relevant to them and ignore the ones that are not. They learn body language, much faster. If you, pair a hand gesture with every command, they’ll learn faster.

3. Think If What You're Asking Is Realistic

Don’t ask your pet to understand complicated commands right away. For example, teaching a pet to come to you can be very difficult for your pet to learn. Be patient, keep working, and remember to reward their good behaviors.

4. Look at the Big Picture

Don’t get too frustrated and remember to consider the whole environment while training. Your dog might not be sitting because they’re distracted by another dog. This means you also need to work with them on focusing.

5. Schedule a Veterinary Exam

If your normally obedient dog suddenly stops behaving, this could be a sign that your dog has an underlying health problem. If you notice changes, schedule a veterinary appointment right away.

Behavioral Counseling for Pets in Chula Vista

At Pacific Pet Hospital in Chula Vista, we’re here to promote and encourage every aspect of your pet’s health and wellbeing, including their behavior, to help you provide them with a happy, healthy, and long life. We understand that good behavior helps pets live fuller lives because, with good manners, they can safely be a bigger part of your life, make more friends, and explore more of the world. To learn more about behavioral counseling or to schedule an appointment for your dog, we welcome you to contact us today.