Beach Safety for Dogs — 7 Tips and Tricks

Beach Safety for Dogs — 7 Tips and Tricks

It’s summer, and everyone loves spending a fun day at the beach. Whether you go for walks, play fetch, or take a swim with your dog, consider the following tips to make sure your dog has just as much fun as you do!

7 Tips and Tricks for Safe Day at the Beach With Your Dog

1. Pick a Dog-Friendly Beach

Dogs aren’t welcome at all beaches. Make sure you visit a beach that allows dogs.

2. Pack Smartly

Bring everything your pet needs to stay safe and healthy during a day in the sunshine:

3. Watch What They Drink

Watch your dog closely to makes sure they aren’t lapping up the seawater which can put them at risk of dehydration or – even worse – salt poisoning.

4. Learn to Swim in a Safer Spot

Not all dogs are natural swimmers. Before you take your dog to the ocean, make sure he likes the water and can swim in a safer place like a swimming pool, pond, or lake.

5. Protect From the Sun

Dogs – especially those with short hair – are at risk of sunburn. Apply a dog-safe sunscreen liberally to your dog, concentrating on the ears and nose where they’re most susceptible to burns.

6. Dangerous Items Hide in the Sand

Be wary of broken glass, fishing hooks, and other dangerous items that can be hiding in the sand. Be sure to check your dog’s paws throughout the day and after you leave and/or have him wear a pair of dog booties to protect his paws at the beach from hot sand and dangerous items.

7. Rinse Off

Salt can irritate your dog’s skin and coat. Thoroughly rinse your dog’s fur when you’re finished splashing in the waves.

Keep Your Dog Safe With Regular Wellness and Preventative Care

To keep your dog safe at the beach and everywhere else they go in life, make sure you keep up with their wellness and preventative care appointments at Pacific Pet Hospital in Chula Vista. We’ll ensure they’re properly protected from parasites and contagious diseases. Plus, we’ll ensure your pet has proper identification at the beach by talking with you about microchipping your pets.
To learn more or schedule an appointment, contact us today.