Cat Comfort Exams

Cat Comfort Exams

No matter how social and curious your cat might be, it’s common for felines to become exceptionally anxious during a trip to the veterinarian. In fact, some cats experience so much stress, they end up missing out on the veterinary care they need. As a result, their health suffers. Whether your kitty is unhappy within the confines of a pet carrier, doesn’t like riding in the car, or fears other patients, Pacific Pet Hospital offers feline services specially designed with your cat’s happiness in mind.

Special Feline Veterinary Services

To ensure each of our feline patients receives the care they need with minimal stress, our team at Pacific Pet Hospital pulls out all the stops to create positive experiences for cats at our pet hospital.

Sedative Medications

We can prescribe sedative medications to help calm fearful cats if we have seen your cat within the past 12 months. Clients are welcome to call ahead to request these medications and to pick up their cat’s prescription prior to the appointment. We’ll provide you with instructions for administering the sedative before bringing your kitty in for his or her check-up.

Calm Waiting Space

We’ve set aside a special space behind our appointment desk to create a calm, quiet, no-dog-zone where cats can peacefully await their exams inside their carriers.

Pheromone Therapy

Pheromones are perfectly safe, natural chemicals that all animals excrete as a form of communication. To create a tranquil environment for our feline patients, we diffuse special calming pheromones in all of our cat exam rooms. In addition, the Doctor and our Vet Technicians also spray their hands with these pheromones to relax kitties during their examinations.

Telemedicine with the Anipanion App

To minimize stressful experiences for our feline patients, we offer telemedicine to our patients. If your cat does not need to be physically present for services such as receiving vaccinations or diagnostic testing, you can schedule a telemedicine appointment via the Anipanion app to have your kitty looked at from the comfort of your home.
With a simple video call or chat, you can speak with the Doctor to find out whether an in-person appointment is necessary or take care of your cat’s follow up appointment, observation, prescription renewals, and more.

Schedule a Cat Comfort Exam in Chula Vista

No matter how independent your kitty’s spirit is, he or she still needs regular wellness care from a veterinarian, and Pacific Pet Hospital’s special feline veterinary services make it a breeze to bring your feisty feline to the vet. To learn more about our cat comfort exams or our special promotions for PetDesk appointments, new clients, and rescue pets, we welcome you to contact us today.