Meet The Team

Terry, Exam Room Nurse

Terry has been in the veterinary field since 2006 when she applied for a job at the veterinary hospital where she brought her own cat (she says they hired her because she could spell!) She has been working with people for most of her life. She likes being able to make a difference in animals’ lives. Terry has a son, two step-children, eleven grandchildren, a cat named Z, and a desert tortoise named Mr. T.

Terry collects cookbooks and salt and pepper shakers. Her Sundays are spent cooking while watching football (Go Redskins!) and she adores visits with her grandkids and family. She graduated from Chula Vista High in 1978. She is people oriented and detail oriented and loves taking care of our clients’ furry family members. She wants people to know that she will help them make the best decisions regarding their pets and she will treat their animals as if they were her own.

Amy, Veterinary Nurse

Amy has been part of the Pacific Pet Hospital team since June 2006.  Animals have always been a part of her life and she could not imagine doing anything else with her life.  Amy has two pets at home, a Chihuahua named “Biki” and a poodle mix named “Picaro”.

In her spare time, she loves to read, play video games, and spend time with friends.  Amy graduated from Hilltop High School in 2005.  She then completed the Veterinary Assistant program from PIMA in August of 2006.

Karla, Receptionist

Karla joined the Pacific Pet Hospital team in February of 2010. She has always had the passion to work with kids and animals. After previously working as a receptionist for a pediatrician’s office for six years, she decided to cross over into animal healthcare which she greatly enjoys.

She has a husband, Hugo, and two daughters, Kaylin & Kamryn. In her spare time, Karla enjoys reading, going to the beach, bowling, BBQ’s, and any quality time she has with her family. Even though she doesn’t have any pets at this time, she would one day love to have a Great Dane.

Dee, Veterinary Technician

Ever since Dee was young, she knew she was destined to help animals, and here she is! She has a special place in her heart for dogs, and states that the reason she got into this field was “To help those who can’t help themselves.” Dee loves making owners happy by helping make their pets healthy, and an additional perk of her job includes getting to see many cute puppies!

She currently has three dogs, Ivory, a Maltese, and two Yorkies named Eboni and Chloe. She also tends to two guinea pigs named Pikachu and Patrat, and a cat named Vega, who ended up with her family on the lunar eclipse of ’17.

A graduate of PIMA, Dee is a big Pokemon fan who aspires to one day adopt a Chinese Crested dog, a pygmy goat and a miniature pig. She is constantly keeping her eye out for lost/stray animals, so she can rescue them, and she is proud to be a monthly donor to the ASPCA.

Janet, Receptionist

Bio coming soon.

Jamie, Veterinary Technician

Jamie cites her special, innate bond with animals as the reason for pursuing her career. She has been taking her dogs to hospitals like ours for the last 20 years, and after observing the passion many of the employees have had for their work, she knew that this was the right career for her. Jamie is a strong advocate for using hydrotherapy to rehabilitate animals, and whenever she can, she loves giving pets a massage!

Prior to working with us at Pacific Pet Hospital, she graduated from the veterinary technician program at Pima’s Medical Institute as well as Platt College San Diego.

At home, Jamie cares for her mother, grandmother and dog named Danny Boy, a cockapoo she adopted from Chula Vista Animal Care Facility. She also shares her house with a mouse named Ricky and an Argentine Horned Frog who goes by Froggy or sometimes even Frogger, depending on his mood.

When she’s not at work, Jamie enjoys learning new things, sculpting, drawing, painting, bowling, archery, playing 8-ball billiards in an APA league, hanging out with her dog, going to the zoo and wild animal park and enjoying her favorite music.

Regarding pet care, she wants all our clients to know that she will be gentle and loving with their beloved animals and will help them stay calm and happy during their visit to our hospital.

Jasmin, Veterinary Technician

Jasmin was raised on a ranch where she lived with many animals, which helped her discover their beauty and which taught her to respect them. This led to her realizing the importance of animal welfare, which made her choose this career path in an effort to give pets the best care to keep them happy and healthy.

Prior to joining us at Pacific Pet Hospital, Jasmine studied for five years in Mexico and graduated from the University of Guadalajara as a veterinarian. Currently, she is studying at Pima Medical Institute.

As far as working with pets, Jasmin is high on respect, love, and empathy as the most important things when it comes to helping heal animals.

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