Virtual Office Tour

Welcome to Our Office!


Located at 1466 Melrose Ave. in Chula Vista, our hospital offers clients two separate entrances and ample parking.


Our lobby is where you’ll be greeted by one of our friendly receptionists and be promptly checked in for your appointment.

Exam Room

After a short wait, you and your pet will be called into one of our three exam rooms, each equipped with all the tools necessary to examine your pet.

Treatment Area

Our treatment area will be where a majority of the services performed on your pet will be completed. All procedures, from vaccines to blood draws, are done on sterile surfaces with minimal restraint to ensure the safety and health of your pet.


This is where your pet’s prescriptions are filled. Our pharmacy carries a large array of medications, all stored and handled so that their maximum effectiveness are maintained. Keep in mind that only a licensed veterinarian may prescribe medications for your pet. Be careful of online sources for medications.

Click here to find out what you should know about online pharmacies.

Lab Station

The complete in-house lab is where we perform a variety of tests designed to properly diagnose any conditions your pet may have and offer an appropriate treatment within hours (as opposed to days). We also work conjunctively with an outside reference laboratory that often provides overnight test results at the doctor’s request.

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