10 Reasons Why Rescue Dogs Are the Best


10 Reasons Why Rescue Dogs Are the Best

At Pacific Pet Hospital, we love all dogs equally (so much!). However, we have to admit that there are some things that set dogs adopted from animal shelters apart from the rest. If you’re considering rescuing a dog from a shelter, we encourage you to keep reading to learn about 10 reasons why rescue dogs are the best.

10 Reasons Why Rescue Dogs Are the Best (Why You Should Adopt – Not Shop)

1. Save Multiple Lives

When you rescue an animal from a shelter, you not only save the life of your new pet, but you also make room for another homeless pet to live safely in the shelter.

2. Enjoy Unconditional Love

Rescue pets have experienced homelessness or lost their families one way or another. As a result, they’ll appreciate your love and love you in return, all the more.

3. Spend Less on Your New Pet

Shelters usually have adoption fees, but these are simply designed to help cover some of your pet’s veterinary costs. These fees, however, are much less than the cost of purchasing a dog and paying for all of their initial vaccinations and spay or neuter procedure.

4. Avoid Surprises

With a shelter dog, you’ll have a good idea of their veterinary needs before you make a decision.

5. You'll Have a Great Story to Tell

You can tell all your friends how you first spotted and connected with your new pet.

6. You'll Change Your New Pet's World

You’ll be giving a dog a second chance at living a wonderful life.

7. You'll Be Fighting Animal Cruelty

By adopting instead of shopping, you won’t be inadvertently supporting a puppy mill.

8. You Help Manage the Pet Population

There are animals in shelters because there are more dogs and cats than there are families to care for them. By adopting, you help to manage the population.

9. You'll Be Supporting Your Community

Animal shelters are vital organizations operating in your community, and choosing to rescue a pet from one helps them thrive.

10. It's Good for Your Healthy and Happiness

Not only do dogs help you get more exercise and improve your mood, but when you adopt from a shelter, you can feel proud of yourself too.

Establish Your New Pet's Care With Pacific Pet Hospital

If you’re planning to adopt a dog or cat, one of the first steps to being a responsible pet owner is to establish care with a nearby veterinary clinic. At Pacific Pet Hospital, we are always happy to welcome new pets to our veterinary hospital, and we’re excited to work with you to help you give your new pet the best life ever. To learn more about our comprehensive services or about adopting a pet from an animal shelter, we welcome you to contact our office today.