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New Client Exam

A $42 Savings!

An annual physical examination is probably the most crucial thing you can have done for your pet. That being said, we know veterinary care can sometimes be expensive-but it doesn't have to be! So to make things a little easier on your wallet, we're offering new clients a special savings.

Any new client that has never been to our hospital before will automatically get a $42 discount on an examination performed on their first pet they bring in for a scheduled appointment. That's just $4 for your first consultation! Additional pets beyond the first would be subject to the regular $46 examination fee.

Questions? Call us for details!

Free Examination for
Adoptions or Rescues

A $46 Value Yours Free!

We here at Pacific Pet Hospital know how important it is to have a clean bill of health on your new pet. That's why we offer a free consultation to new pet owners of adopted or rescued dogs and cats! 

Any pet adopted from a shelter or rescue qualifies for a free first exam as long as it is scheduled within ten (10) days of adoption. Just be sure to bring in your adoption records at the time of your appointment to receive your free exam.

Questions? Call us for details!

Rabies Clinic

$5 Rabies Shots

Every Thursday, Pacific Pet Hospital runs a rabies clinic where pet owners can get the rabies vaccine for their dog's at the low cost of just 5 dollars. We'll complete your dog license application or (if you don't have one) fill out a brand new one so you can take care of your licensing that same day, too! As this is a clinic, no appointment is necessary, though we do encourage you to schedule one as it can become quite busy.

Call us for further details or questions!

Got Fleas?


30% OFF a Six (6) Month Supply of Frontline Plus!!


Receive a $50 Rebate
for the Purchase of a Six (6) Month Supply of Frontline with a Twelve (12) Month Supply of Heartgard Plus!


Receive a $50 Rebate for the Purchase of a Six (6) Month Supply of NexGard with a Twelve (12) Month Supply of HeartGard Plus!

Living in San Diego, we are blessed with some amazing weather. Unfortunately, it's also the ideal climate for fleas to thrive! Keep your cat or dog protected by purchasing a six month supply of Frontline and we'll give you 30% off!

Call us today for pricing or questions. 

Comfortis and Trifexis Rebates

We are happy to announce we now sell Comfortis and Trifexis for fleas. It's your most effective option for monthly flea control.

Receive a $10 Rebate on Six (6) Doses of
Comfortis or Trifexis!

Receive a $25 Rebate on Twelve (12) Doses of
Comfortis or Trifexis!

Heartgard Promo


Save $12 on a Year Supply!

The cost of treating a heartworm infestation is expensive. Why take that risk? It's easy to prevent and with our latest promotion it's cheaper than ever. Stop in today to purchase a year supply of Heartgard Plus and get 12 dollars back! Not only is it effective for your pet's monthly heartworm medication, it has the added bonus of containing a dewormer for both hookworms and roundworms. It doesn't get much better than that!

Call us today for pricing or questions.